Diversas maneras de apoyar

Apoyando al Proyecto PRASAD, sus donaciones se emplearan en dar soluciones innovadoras para ayudar a los niños y a las comunidades necesitadas. PRASAD trabaja para cambiar vidas en un entorno local y con respeto de las culturas locales. Hay varias maneras en las que se puede apoyar a PRASAD ya sea a través de una donación mensual o una donación única. ¡Ninguna donación es demasiado pequeña para cambiar una vida!

También hay muchas otras maneras de ayudar a PRASAD a sostener y avanzar en nuestro trabajo. Consulte con su asesor financiero, contable y / o abogado para determinar cual se ajusta mejor a su situación individual y familiar. Por favor contacte luego con nuestra oficina en el 902 36 25 10 o envíe un correo electrónico a prasad@prasad.org para que podamos facilitar el proceso de donar. ¡Gracias!

A Monthly Gift

Pledge a gift every month to support The PRASAD Project all year long. See how monthly giving can really add up in just one year! 

As a bonus, once you become a PRASAD partner through a monthly gift of $25 or more, you can receive a luxurious scarf, donated by Love Quotes™, on your Partnership Anniversary.

We are grateful to Love Quotes™ for generously donating these popular scarves, made of a rayon/polyester blend with the luxurious feel of cashmere. Both men and women wear these scarves, and they make wonderful gifts.

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Matching Gifts

An easy way to increase your gift to The PRASAD Project is through your employer’s matching gift program. Many employers, including companies, corporations, foundations, not-for-profit organizations and associations match their employee’s charitable contributions—sometimes for double the amount of the initial gift. Contact your Human Resource office to learn more.

Honor/Memoriam Gifts

Give a gift in memory or in honor of someone special. All donations made to The PRASAD Project will be used to make a difference in the life of someone who is greatly in need.

Occasions for making a donation in honor of someone include birthday, celebration, birth of a child, wedding and anniversary. To make an in memory or in honor of tribute please be sure to let us know all the information at the time you make your donation to The PRASAD Project.

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Host an Event

There are myriad possibilities for small fundraising events. These are just a few suggestions to spark your own creativity.   

  •    Host a dinner or brunch at your home or restaurant
  •    Small concerts, musical performances, one musician
  •    Art donated to PRASAD and sold at exhibits

PRASAD can offer you advice in designing your invitations as well as printed materials to support your event. 

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Who Supports Us

We appreciate and acknowledge the many people who come forward to volunteer their services to The PRASAD Project.

To register as a volunteer, please download our volunteer form, fill it out, and email it to prasad@prasad.org.

For specific volunteering positions, please see below:

PRASAD de México

If you live in México please email your volunteer form to csuarezsan@yahoo.com.mx.

PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program Inc., Upstate NY, USA Please email your volunteer form to prasadcdhp@prasadcdhp.org.